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Review by Art Menius

Released: February 2010 Reviewed by Art Menius 2/10/2012 Seattle’s Grant Dermody long ago earned a reputation as an excellent harmonica blower equally comfortable in blues, old-time, and roots music while also capable of quite good singing and songwriting. Lay Down My...

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Huffington Post by Steve Winnick

by Steve Winnick I may have spoken too soon about the Jesus and Devil thing, because there’s none of that on Grant Dermody’s latest album Sun Might Shine on Me, and his press material speaks a lot about Tibetan Buddhism. Dermody, a harmonica player who has worked with...

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No Depression – by John Apice

No Depression John Apice - February 26, 2016 Just when you believe a particular type of music has been done to death and there wouldn’t be another way of presenting it with any hint of originality and creativity – someone comes along who tweaks the genre and adds some...

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