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“an understated harmonica virtuoso and a vocalist of subtlety and warmth” – No Depression

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NEW Release! “Behind the Sun”

Produced by Dirk Powell

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Dermody’s music is fresh, delicate and gentle but never over the top, and executed with few but telling instruments

Fabrizio Poggi

Grant Dermody is a master of this open, honest, and direct way of communicating emotion and feeling through the harmonica. He reaches down to the central places where breath feeds life…
Dirk Powell

Lay My Burden Down is the most down-to-earth, straight from the heart recording with such a large cast of stellar collaborators I have heard by anyone not named Mike Seeger.
Art Menius

Grant Dermody

There’s more than one way to describe a musician’s expertise. One angle is how an instrument sounds under their command, yet another is what their playing actually does to you. In the case of harmonica master Grant Dermody, these precious elements are inseparable – and also incomparable. Just one note arrives and you are temporarily transformed, awakened by something wholly original.

In this Seattle native’s hands, the harp rumbles like a freight train, sidles up like a soul singer, purrs like an electric cat, rings out in a rhythmic dance. Pair it up with his voice, a strikingly honest vocal approach that resonates in the direct center of your chest, and the intrigue just increases.

The swamps of Louisiana, the wide open skies of Montana — all that’s deep and sweet and awe-inspiring about Americana and its musical roots — reside there. There’s simply nothing like the growling grace that emanates from Grant Dermody.