Hi Everyone,

I hope this finds you happy, warm and well!

I had an amazing musical summer. I got to record with Charlie Lennon, Irish National treasure and fiddle master, whilst in Spiddal, Ireland in July. We recorded Tree Of Life, one of my tunes. Charlie liked it so off we went! Charlie is mixing it now, can’t wait to hear how it turns out!

I taught at Euroblues, sharing the harmonica teaching chair with my long-time-bro Joe Filisko. We had a blast, and the very high level of play and learning from the students kept us on all of our toes.

I made it to Tulsa for SPAH. Big fun at the teach-in. I was the old time fiddle tune instructor. Hearing Sandy Boys and Rubin’s Train played by 7 or 8 harmonicas was so cool, though the adjoining tables may not have shared our infectious enthusiasm. The late-night jams and the performances were cool as well, and it was great to spend a few days with my friends in the harmonica circle.

I head out very soon for a long-awaited tour with my good friend and guitar maestro Frank Fotusky. Our touring schedule is on my website under Shows. Please check it out, and we’d love to see you at a show if you’re in the area, or aren’t, but feel like a road trip. Frank and I play a cool mix of traditional acoustic blues, gospel and originals. It’s a great sound. Hope to see you there!.

After the tour I head to Lafayette Louisiana to do some hanging and playing with my Cajun musician friends and to start planning my next record with Dirk Powell, who co-produced Sun Might Shine On Me, and will co-produce, engineer, and play on the next one. Songs are being written and gathered, funding is being sought and the wheels of intention are oiled and moving. I’m excited about the next steps.

I am very happy to announce that I am now working with Jeffrey Ross and Jeff Heiman, of 2 Jeff’s on Music. They are great guys, easy to work with and will provide a much appreciated and needed boost to me and my career. Much more to come soon!

All the best to all! See you at a show!