Grant Dermody Lyrics

All songs written and copywritten by Grant Dermody, 3holedraw music
No use of any kind without written permission from the author.

From Sun Might Shine On Me

Ain’t Going Back

I ain’t going down that, long road no more with you
I’m done doing anything, that you want me to

Ain’t going back, no way back, old time used to be
turn me loose baby, you got to let me be

Don’t want to hurt you, don’t know no other way
Can’t do this no more, anymore, Can’t be here one more day

Whatever road that finds you, I hope it treats you good
I hope it rises up to meet you, rolls with you like it should

So Sorry To Leave You

So sorry to leave you, yeah it hurts to walk away
Time ain’t right this time, might be right another day

Tonight might be all we get, let’s do it right while we still can
We can be right here right now, we don’t need no other plan

I don’t know, if I’ll be back this way again
Guess I’ll see you when the road comes round, can’t say how and can’t say when

Whoa Baby, spend some more sweet time with me
A woman who’s the likes of you, I ain’t hardly ever seen

Easy Down

Slow back, easy down, let your mind roll free
Everything that you’re doing seems to, hang on me
People think I’m crazy, people don’t know me none too well
I’m doing pretty good, least as far as I can tell

Up road, boogie child, playing out of time
Might find the pocket when he, hits his prime
Gonna meet you where I find you, not where I wish you’d be
I’m hanging on the two and four, you bought a house on one and three

Step left, swing it right, somebody got to lead
She leans back smiling, says go daddy, yes indeed
Sweet momma want to move me, she might cause me to improvise
I’m hearing what she’s putting down, mostly I hear it in her eyes

Just A Little While

It might take just a little while

She’s gone good bye, wondering why
Does everything need to have a reason?
We stayed too long, couldn’t find the song
Some gods there ain’t no pleasing
And it brings me down, and round, and back again

We are all one, underneath the sun
Got to love the ones that don’t see it
I don’t need you to teach, I don’t want you to preach
I want you to try and feel it
And you bring me down and round and back again

All the love that I can, every grain of sand
I’ll send as I am able
I will move it on through, be waiting for you
When you sit at the welcome table
and it brings me down and round and back again


Sun Might Shine

I can think of her now and sing
Her memory soothes me like a long cool drink
Flows smooth and easy
All the way down

I can think of all the little things she’d do
Make me feel connected to the world and you
Flows smooth and easy, all the way down

She’s gone yeah, it’s all right
Sun gon’ shine tomorrow
She’s gone yeah, it’s all right
Sun might shine on me

I can feel it in my heart
and know it’s true
Whatever else may happen
I was loved by you
Flows smooth and easy
All the way down

Repeat verse one


Long Gone

Long Gone, long time waiting
Long Gone, away from me
Long Gone, long time waiting, Ain’t coming back no more I see

She bought her ticket, long way back
Won’t stay here won’t follow
Her train is coming on the northbound track
I’ll be back home tomorrow


See the steam rise, hear the whistle blow
Won’t stay here won’t follow
Conductor hollering, loud and low
I’ll be back home tomorrow


See her waving from the morning train
Won’t stay here won’t follow
Blue eyes laughing in the driving rain
I’ll be back home tomorrow


From Lay Down My Burden

Lay Down My Burden

Gonna lay down my burden, in the sun, by the water side
It’s been such a long wind, blowing cold
They say every morning, brings bout a change in tide
I don’t believe everything, I’ve been told

Bad breaks, no big mistakes,
must be coming from another time
Who do I see to pay this debt I owe?
Feeling good, knock on wood,
world of worry laying on my mind
Don’t say, that’s the way, these things go

Take me back to a time when my life was, free and easy
When life and it’s worries, rolled on by
I’m missing that time when it didn’t take, much to please me
Everyone I love was still alive

Chorus and out

First Light

I’ve been running hard all night long
Still I’m losing ground
Hard times coming after me, baying like a hound

Seems like every road I travel
Always goes uphill
And it don’t seem to matter, which way I bend my will

I can hear cool dawn coming, darkness got to end
Sun too long in rising, lord I need a friend

First light finds me standing tall
Guides my feet to sacred ground
Hard times can’t follow me, gone without a sound

Evening Train

I’m having trouble feeling right, any where that I may go
Can’t go home and can’t stay here, it doesn’t matter any more

Tell me can you tell me, how do I ease this worried mind?
Just don’t stand there telling me, things will work out fine

Standing by the ocean side, as it reflects the morning sun
If I’m wanting what I don’t have, I got to do what I ain’t done

Evening Train, Evening Train, take me with you when you move
To the mountains where my mind’s clear, and there’s nothing left to prove

From Crossing that River


I don’t know why I feel like I do, I just do
You feel good
Been so long, feeling low, you made it go, I didn’t know
If you could

Chorus- I needed a Breakthrough, Breakthrough

I spent most of my time, discontent, badly bent
But not broke
One more good man down, yeah, it’s a shame, got no flame
and no smoke

I needed a breakthrough…..

That’s long time gone, I live for today, come what may
I’ll still win
Every day I hold on, I pick up steam , float upstream
I can’t swim

I still want a breakthrough

My woman she knows me very well, she won’t tell
It’s all right
She makes me smile, yeah, maintains my speed, it’s all I need
but not quite

I still need a breakthrough

Slow Boat

Waiting for the fog to lift, wondering where the sun went
I ain’t never felt so old and empty before
Not used to my time alone, being time with a stranger
I’m hoping all I need, is rest for my soul

Chorus- I’m thinking bout a slow boat to anywhere
Long as I can sail it, and it moves forward I don’t care
Can’t afford to waste mine, I’ll be gone a long time

Nothing feels right in this town, I can reach the coast by morning
Feeling like a fish out of water cause the river ran dry
Seems like I hit the same dead end, gon’ turn around and find a new road
Treading water just makes me tired, ain’t good for my mind


Drove all night with the windows down, I can smell the ocean
Running out of road before I run out of drive
All I want is to shed my skin and dance out on the water
Lord I can’t remember when, been so glad I’m alive


From We Heard the Voice of a Pork Chop

I’d Do It All Again

God keeps laughing at my plans
I don’t recognize my aching hands
No time nor place to make my stand
I don’t know what to do

If I knew, I would have warned her
Her smile rests in every corner
Nothing left to do but mourn
That much I know is true

How deep the love was, means that’s how deep the pain
If I knew then like I know now, I’d do it all again
I’m tired and I’m lonely, so one more day I’ll roam
She’s not there, how do I call it home?

Weeds are all around my yard
My hearts in tatters, rags, and shards
I need a hand with better cards
Before my time comes due

Fields of unattended sorrow
Not today and not tomorrow
Some are mine, some are borrowed
Some belong to you