Hi everyone,

I’m raising money to help pay for my most recent album, Behind the Sun. The music is recorded, mixed, and mastered, and the record is currently in the hands of the graphic designers.
Behind the Sun is my fifth solo album, and the third record I’ve made with my friend and music collaborator, Dirk Powell. Our last record, My Dony, 2020, was very well received and was submitted for Grammy consideration. We think this record is our best yet. It digs deep, soars high, and tells the truth. It’s a Blues album, electric and powerful. We all have put everything we have into the music and making the album look as good as it sounds.
It was recorded in Lafayette, using only local musicians and visual artists. Everyone connected with the project is an artist of the highest orbit and they need to be paid accordingly. All the money raised during this campaign will go directly to the artists that worked on the album and to the promotional team that will get the record out to the press and radio stations, and so, the world at large.
In these divisive times, music can help bring us together. I think the Blues, which speaks the universal language of love, loss, perseverance and faith, does this beautifully.
During Covid it has been difficult and unsafe to tour, so I’ve been making records as my creative outlet. As things start to ease up, I hope we can get this music out on the road and bring it to you live.
I haven’t had gig money to help pay for these projects. I need your help to let me pay these excellent musicians and visual artists what they’re worth and get the music out, all over the world. I believe we all need music like this, and this music in particular, especially now.
thank you