Hi Everyone,

I hope you are staying safe and navigating the pandemic as well as you can.

Quite a bit has been happening with music, not gigging, not withstanding. Here are some highlights.

My Dony, my 2020 electric blues release with Dirk Powell, Jamie Dick, Jason Sypher, and Corey Ledet, was submitted for Grammy consideration in the Traditional Blues category. We didn’t make the final 5 for official nomination, but were very glad that our independent recording was so well received. We are planning another electric blues record as a follow up and will get back in the studio when everyone agrees it’s safe to do so. I’ll keep you posted.

My long-time friend and musical partner Frank Fotusky and I are finishing up an acoustic blues record, recorded in Toms River New Jersey. It’s called A Letter To John Jackson. John was a dear friend and mentor to Frank and me and the album features several of his signature tunes. We hope to have it out by late spring. We’re loving how it sounds!

I wrote a song, Marilyn’s Hymn, to honor my second mom and fierce ally and friend, Marilyn Hurley Bimstein Conant. Dirk Powell is working on it with me and we both are playing on it. We are also working with some Irish musicians as Marilyn loved Ireland so and the song has a very Irish feel. We’ll be releasing it as a single as soon as we finish it up.

I’m continuing to teach harmonica lessons on-line and through my YouTube channel, Grant Dermody Music. I’m also working on an instructional video. More on that later.

All the very best to all