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Learn Sitting On Top of the World in this 90 Minute LIVE harmonica lesson with Grant Dermody.

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About the Event

Sitting On Top of the World is a tune that everyone should know how to play. It is deceptively simple and I will show you how to make it sound the way it’s meant to be played. We’ll work on fattening up your sound; soloing over the form, as well as on leaning into one of the greatest melody’s ever written for a blues tune. Each of these harmonica keys is progressively more difficult to fatten up the sound that’s why I’ve made it easy to learn LIVE with me in this 90 minute Zoom. It’ll make learning possible with speedy results.  You’ll feel motivated and energized with this doable, bite-size lesson.

Items required for class:

  • Free Zoom account
  • Harmonica in the Key of G, A and C


Level of Experience:

  • Intermediate


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