I always find it interesting to listen to how musicians grow and evolve from project to project. Clearly Grant Dermody’s latest offering, “My Dony” is a large step forward in his evolution.

Since the early days of our relationship as fellow harmonica players, I’ve had big respect for not only Grants great and authentic tone, but also his musicality. All of that is on full display here… plus more. His ongoing collaboration with Dirk Powell as a co-producer as well as guitar player has obviously grown as well. Dirk penned or co wrote 5 cuts on this project.

The band is incredibly tight but never in the way. The arrangements are mature thoughtful and executed at a high level. Grant’s harmonica and vocals are framed in exactly the correct spotlight to let them shine…and they do! Dirk’s guitar work is perfect and it’s clear both he and Grant have a synchronicity that’s just wonderful.

Grant’s last couple CD’s have been recorded in Louisiana and there is an unmistakable Cajun feel on several of the tunes. The back line throughout the whole project give us hints of their Cajun roots and I just dig the hell out of it. “Real Time Man” is a great example of this.

Other standouts for me are “Too Late To Change Your Mind,” The Sonny Boy Williamson song “Springtime Blues” and “Corner Strut.”

 There are 13 cuts encompassing 54 minutes of pure delight… pick your own favorites.

Highly recommended!