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No Depression “Behind the Sun” Review

Read review on ND by Grant Britt, October 18, 2022 Grant Dermody covers a lot of territory with his harmonica. In the past, he’s visited Delta, Piedmont, and Chicago blues. He recently added Louisiana to his itinerary, relocating to Lafayette. For his latest, Behind...

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Americana Highways Review “Behind the Sun”

This is Grant Dermody’s 5th solo LP. Basically, a Louisiana blues collection with splashes of zydeco, Mississippi-Chicago-blues & gospel. It’s recorded pristinely & accessible even to people who are not blues aficionados. The musicians are all Louisiana-based...

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Review of “My Dony” – Grateful Web

"With this rapidly, unfolding uncertainty, I can’t do light and surface. Good old rock or pop, my normal go-tos, definitely will not work. I’m craving gritty and real. I need Grant Dermody and his new album, “My Dony.” It primarily blues but there are touches of...

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Great Review of “My Dony” – No Depression

“It’s earthy stuff, with the dirty roots exposed for us to chomp on and savor, a down-home dinner that sticks to your ribs.” - No Depression

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Review of “My Dony”

I always find it interesting to listen to how musicians grow and evolve from project to project. Clearly Grant Dermody’s latest offering, “My Dony” is a large step forward in his evolution. Since the early days of our relationship as fellow harmonica players, I’ve had...

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Review of “My Dony” by Cathi Norton

Grant Demody is a force to be reckoned with. I know him to be a seeker, not only ofpersonal balance and grace, but of the endless musical possibilities. He travels great distances to capture the sounds and music that guide him. His mastery of harmonica is awe-...

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Review by Art Menius

Released: February 2010 Reviewed by Art Menius 2/10/2012 Seattle’s Grant Dermody long ago earned a reputation as an excellent harmonica blower equally comfortable in blues, old-time, and roots music while also capable of quite good singing and songwriting. Lay Down My...

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Huffington Post by Steve Winnick

by Steve Winnick I may have spoken too soon about the Jesus and Devil thing, because there’s none of that on Grant Dermody’s latest album Sun Might Shine on Me, and his press material speaks a lot about Tibetan Buddhism. Dermody, a harmonica player who has worked with...

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Digging in John’s Backyard & Behind the Sun take the No. 1 and No. 2 spot for the year 2022 on RMR!

“Behind The Sun” #1 Acoustic Blues Album on Roots Music Report

“Diggin’ in John’s Back Yard” #1 Acoustic Blues Album on Roots Music Report